FAQs Kids & Family

Please be sure to read the general FAQs first.

How old do the kids have to be?
Our kids sessions are for kids who can sit up on their own (approximately 8 months) up to 12 years old. Our family sessions are open to kids of all ages.

Do you photograph kids less than 8 months?
Only with the parents during a family session.

Do you photograph kids older than 12 years?
Yes, visit our "Teens" section and check out the portrait page.

Can the parents be in the photos?
Yes, but please book a family session rather than a kids portrait session.

How many outfits should I bring?
Even if your session is limited to one outfit, we suggest you bring several options just in case the one doesn't work out for whatever reason. Come dressed ready to shoot plus bring some extra options.

What outfits should I bring?
Make sure the outfits match in terms of their color palette, whether it's bold primary colors or pastels or neutral tones... try not to mix these up. You can also do different shades of the same one color. Layering and accessories are good: Vest, jacket, scarf, hat, headband, leggings under skirts, suspenders, bowties, etc. Don't forget the shoes! Make sure everything is clean (white sneakers should be white) and ironed. If there is more than one person, clothes don't have to be identical but the colors should match (from head to feet). Easiest thing is pick three colors and stick with it. For ideas, check out our pinterest boards.

Should I bring anything else?
We try to keep it simple but if your kid is into something specific at the moment, bring it! This could be their favorite stuffed animal, or a skateboard, or their baseball team's cap. We want the photos to be about them, their personality, and what they love!

How do I prepare my kid?
Let them know they're doing a photoshoot and how fun it'll be! Ask them what they want to wear or bring. If they get to participate in the decision-making, they're more likely going to be excited to be doing it. Make sure they're well rested. They should be fed beforehand so they're not hungry during their shoot. Bring a snack in case they are.

What if my kid is feeling moody that day?
We'll do our best to get some smiling pictures but if they're crying, pouting, and frowning, that's what we'll photograph... because kids will be kids and that's what the shoot is all about.

I have more questions!
Give us a ring at 904-686-8989 or write us via our contact page.

I'm ready. How do we proceed?
You can put down your $100 retainer here and we'll contact you to set up your preshoot consultation!