Yay, We’re Up and Running!

So after much headache, our website is finally up and running!  Welcome, welcome!

Just a tad about how we ended up here:
Erle and I have had our Jacksonville photography studio for 3 years now. We’ve done a bunch of different shoots

from bridal to boudoir,                       fashion and editorials,
bridal-photography-jacksonville    fashion-photography-jacksonville

kids and family ,                                                    pets,
kids-photography-jacksonville       pet-photography-jacksonville

commercial and products

…you name it, we’ve tried it.

After a while of this, we realized that there are certain genres of photography that we’re particularly great at. Erle, with his background in lighting film, is brilliant with product and commercial work. His lighting is impeccable and this allows him to show off his technical skills. But he’s also a writer and director so he also loves fashion photography, which allows him to be more creative.

Me, I just really enjoy working with people, namely women. Let’s face it… we tend to self-doubt a lot. I don’t care if you’re a nerd or a tomboy or a prom queen, we really love it when we get some praise and reassurance that we’re beautiful. And whether or not you feel beautiful, I will bring it out of you.

This is Moda Portraiture.

We deliver the best quality photographs and an experience that will make you feel amazing. Our goal is to give you something that’ll always and forever remind you that you are awesome. Our images are more than just a one time share-and-forget… you’ll want to go back to them time and time again.

And all your friends will be jealous, trust us.

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